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Syrios family has begun its activity in heating sector since the half of the last century

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Syrios family has begun its activity in heating sector since the half of the last century.
It was just after the war when the two brothers, Constantine and Stavros Syrios, listened for the heating requirements of those difficult years and began timidly to make their first wooden stoves, initially by using poor means and hand tools and later with more modern production tools.

Under the brand name «Syrios Brothers», they launched into the promotion of their products by taking part in all the regional exhibitions of that time. In 1968, they set up the first private factory of stoves production, in a building of 1.250 m2 in which they made wood stoves and cookers of high strength and aesthetics. Quickly, the company’s products went over the geographical limits of Peloponnese and were spread throughout the Greek territory where they prevailed.

After 1990, Andreas Syrios, the follower of this tradition, revived the company, modernized its philosophy and structure while he improved its products. The first products that he produced were stoves made entirely of cast iron and later, in 1996, he began the production of wood fireplaces made only of cast iron or of cast iron in combination with steel. Nowadays, the company’s products occupy a leading position in the Greek market and the brand name Syrios has become identical with the innovative quality and absolute reliability in heating sector. In 1997, the company expanded its activities in import of large foreign firms’ heating products, as well as their exclusive distribution and marketing in Greek market.These collaborations demonstrate once again the confidence and dynamic that the brand name Syrios inspired in the broader sector of traditional heating.

In 2000, Syrioscompany was transferred into its new privately owned facilities of 4.750 m2 in the Industrial Area of Tripoli by investing simultaneously in high tech equipment for metal processing. Nowadays, we continue our uptrend and we market new and advanced energy products, fully certified according to the international standards of performance and safety